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In 1995, Anthony Grisanti formed GRZ ENERGY to focus his expertise on the energy futures and options markets. GRZ's consultation services have included hedging, trading and portfolio management. Our broad investor base ranges from individual and institutional energy market investors to producers and refiners. Anthony regularly appears on CNBC, Bloomberg TV, Fox Business News and other business channels to share his expertise in the energy markets. He co-hosts Futures Now an award winning show produced by CNBC.

GRZ Energy's trading philosophy begins with a technical analysis melding with fundamentals for each decision we make. Our price forecasting involves looking to the past for patterns and for the ways to identify them for positive market results. We analyze moving averages, Fibonacci levels, Bollinger bands and many other indicators as well as supply and demand to correctly predict market movement. We identify markets that trade over 20% from the historical norm and develop a thesis on how to trade. Our entry and exit point levels have flexibility, but the risk/reward models have strict guidelines.

Finally in a global market we realize that while our focus is energy we cannot ignore the currency markets, equities, or geo-political situations that might arise and affect positions.


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