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Into the Futures- June 20, 2016

Into the Futures – June 20, 2016

Brexit will be topic of conversation among investors this week.
• What will an exit mean for equity prices?
• Is crude oil immune from a severe price drop?
• Will gold experience more volatility than all other commodities?
• Have natural gas prices reached a peak?

Into the Futures- June 13, 2016

Into the Futures – June 13, 2016

The Fed has a decision to make this week.
• If the Fed decides not to raise will equities continue to rally?
• Will crude prices rally on a no decision by the Fed?
• What will happen to the price of gold in a raise/no raise scenario?
• Have natural gas prices reached a short term peak?

Into the Futures June 6, 2016

Into the Futures – June 6, 2016

The jobs number was such a huge miss a June hike is probably off the table.
• If June is off the table will July be on?
• What will a no rate hike mean for the price of crude oil?
• Has gold made its no hike move or is there more room higher?
• Have natural gas prices reached a near term peak?

Into the Futures, May 30, 2016

Into the Futures – May 30, 2016

The data is right for a hike.
• Will the equities market reach a peak if interest rates rise?
• What will a rate hike mean for the price of oil?
• Is gold poised to fall below $1200?
• What will the extreme temperatures mean for natural gas supplies?

Into the Futures May 23, 2016

Surprises were in abundance last week.
• Will the Fed raise rates in June or is this a case of too much being read into the minutes of the last meeting?
• If rates do rise can crude break $50?
• Will gold hold $1200?
• How close are we to demand season for natural gas?

Into the Futures May 16, 2016

Into the Futures – May 16, 2016

If the dollar is the key, what is its next move?
• As earnings wind down what will be the catalyst for equities?
• Now that crude has touched $47 will it go higher?
• What will it take for gold to stay above $1300?
• Will this weekend’s below normal temps in the northeast rally natural gas prices?

Into the Futures-- May 9, 2016

Into the Futures – May 9, 2016

Can the Fed raise rates?
• Will equities be risk on for the remainder of spring and summer?
• What’s the impact of the Saudi oil minister’s dismissal?
• If equities are a buy is gold a sell?
• Will natural gas prices fall below $2?

Into the Futures--April 25, 2016

Into the Futures – April 25, 2016

Are there any surprises in store when the Fed meets on Wednesday?
• Will the e-mini pause before the Fed meeting or will traders view this as all systems go until June?
• Is demand for gasoline supporting crude oil?
• Will gold hold the $1225 support level?
• Are the shorts being squeezed in natural gas?

Into the Futures, April 18, 2016

Into the Futures – April 18, 2016

Earnings and OPEC will share the spotlight equally this week.
• Can better than expected earnings reports carry the e-mini to new highs?
• Will the oil production freeze lead to a cut?
• Is gold poised to break lower?
• Will warmer weather drive natural gas prices lower?

Into the Futures--April 4, 2016

Into the Futures – April 4, 2016

Will investors interpret Janet Yellen’s speech as a license to buy equities?
• Will the S&P set new highs within the next few weeks?
• Is the highly touted oil production freeze over before it starts?
• Will gold trade to $1200 before it rallies to $1250?
• What is the next move for natural gas prices?


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