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Into the Futures-- March 28, 2016

Into the Futures – March 28, 2016

With the Fed decision looming and a massive amount of indicators released this week is the market setting up for good news is bad news scenario?
• Are economic conditions right for a rate hike?
• Has crude oil reached a near term top?
• Will gold break $1200?
• Is the short trade for natural gas becoming too crowded?

Into the Futures--March 21, 2016

Into the Futures – March 21, 2016

Has the right tone been set?
• Will the Fed raise rates this year?
• Have crude oil prices topped out in the near term?
• Does the profit potential for gold lie in higher or lower prices?
• Will natural gas prices reach a new short term high?

Into the Futures February 8, 2016

Into The Futures –February 8, 2016

It seems investors are losing their faith in cheap money.

• Can the US economy withstand more bad news from abroad?
• While crude oil prices remain low, production continues to be steady. Why?
• Where is the next major resistance for gold?
• Is the next round of cold weather enough to significantly boost natural gas prices?

Into the Futures February 1, 2016

Into The Futures –February 1, 2016

Some analysts have remarked its back to the basics for markets but this doesn’t explain recent price movements.
• Can equities sustain their strength as the dollar rises?
• If it’s back to the basics what’s behind the recent rally in crude oil?
• Is $1100 the new bottom for gold prices?
• Why are natural gas prices rallying if temperatures are projected to be well above normal?

Into the Futures January 25, 2016

Into The Futures –January 25, 2016

Does the late week stabilization of equity and crude oil prices mean that both markets have found a bottom?
• Will this week’s government reports induce the Fed to act again?
• Why didn’t bearish fundamentals keep crude oil prices down?
• Is gold about to give back all its recent gains?
• Is natural gas running out of “season” for prices to trade significantly higher?

Into the Futures January 19, 2016

Into The Futures –January 19, 2016

Expect continued volatility as we begin the third week of the year.

• An important economic number was released after the close on Friday, how will it affect markets this week?
• Now that sanctions have been lifted against Iran how soon will oil begin to flow?
• Are gold prices setting up for another surge higher?
• Will long term forecasts keep a lid on natural gas prices?

Into the Futures January 11, 2016

Into The Futures –January 11, 2016

Some are saying investors have overreacted.

• Bank earnings will be the focus this week and if the results fail to meet expectations has it been priced in?
• If equities continue to fall will crude oil follow?
• Do gold prices have more room to run?
• Where is the top for natural gas prices?

Into the Futures, December 28, 2015

Into The Futures – December 28, 2015

Will the last week of the year bring any surprises for the markets covered?

• Will the Dow and the e-mini continue their Santa Claus rally?
• Was crude oil bid higher because of the long weekend or has the market found a bottom?
• Will gold continue to trade in small ranges?
• Have weather patterns begun to change enough to boost Nat gas prices further?

Into the Futures, December 21, 2015

Into The Futures – December 21, 2015

Will the Fed sabotage the decent initial reaction to the rate hike by continuing to justify it?
• Have equities sold off due to position adjustments or economic trouble?
• Will crude oil trade into the $20 handle?
• What are the reasons to own gold now that the Fed has acted?
• Will the weather patterns in the Northeast change enough to boost natural gas significantly?

Into the Futures, December 14, 2015

Into The Futures – December 14, 2015

If the markets have another week like last is it a signal of deeper economic problems for the US?
• All eyes will be on the Fed this week as investors anticipate a rate hike.
• If the energy space begins to see bankruptcies will it affect oil production?
• Has gold made its interest rate hike move?
• When will the unseasonably warm temperatures across the US end?


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