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Into the Futures September 21, 2015

Into The Futures- September 21, 2015

The Fed decision gave the market what it wanted; or so we thought.

• Why haven’t the Dow and Mini rallied if Fed policy remains the same?
• Will dollar weakness provide a boost to crude oil prices?
• Can gold hold onto and more importantly add to its price gains?
• Natural gas is on the verge of breaking key support levels is there more room to the downside?

Into the Futures September 14, 2015

Into The Futures- September 14, 2015

The focus this week will be government reports starting with retail sales on Tuesday, and concluding with Thursday’s decision by the Fed on whether to raise interest rates.

• There is only one question on the minds of traders this week and that is will the Fed raise rates?
• Crude oil production is dropping, so what’s behind Goldman’s call for $20 oil?
• What happens to the price of gold if the Fed decides to raise rates?
• What catalyst is needed to move natural gas out of its recent tight ranges?

Into the Futures September 8, 2015

Into The Futures- September 8, 2015

I will give a brief comment on markets followed included in the numbers to watch. The market updates will be more extensive starting tomorrow.

These are the numbers to watch:

Into the Futures August 31, 2015

Into The Futures- August 31, 2015

Are stocks and commodities poised for a run higher?

• Is a rate hike baked into equity prices?
• Does crude oil have more room to run after an over 15% jump in prices in 2 sessions?
• If equities stabilize will hedge funds begin to liquidate long positions in gold?
• Is natural gas poised to rally in spite of increased supplies?

Into the Futures August 24, 2015

Into The Futures- August 24, 2015

If the Dow and crude oil hold steady at current price levels does that mean the bottom has been found?
• Experts have said a 10% S&P correction is healthy, so why the panic now that we are on the verge of one?
• Crude oil briefly traded below $40, where is the next level of support?
• What will the effect of last week’s heat have on natural gas supplies?
• Gold ended the day on Friday well off its highs in spite of a 500 point drop in the Dow; does that signal an end to the gold rally?

Into the Futures August 10, 2015

Into The Futures- August 10, 2015

What are the ramifications of a “perfect” jobs number besides more jobs?

• Once earnings wind down what are the drivers for equities?
• The question is not whether crude oil will reach the $30 handle, the question should be how long will it remain there?
• Why did gold strengthen on a good jobs number and the prospect of higher interest rates?
• How long will natural gas remain range-bound?

Into the Futures August 3, 2015

Into The Futures- August 3, 2015

Another big week for earnings, but don’t let that take the focus from the reams of government data that will be released.
• The interest in Friday’s jobs number jumped significantly with the release of the income data.
• How soon will crude oil test its recent lows?
• Will there be lasting gains in gold due to the poor income number?
• Where is the bottom for natural gas prices?

Into the Futures July 27, 2015

Into The Futures- July 27, 2015

Another huge week for earnings is on tap in the equities markets.

• Besides earnings we get our first look at 2nd quarter GDP this week.
• Will crude trade straight down to $45 or can we expect a rebound in prices?
• Can the fact so many traders are short gold actually be a positive for prices?
• 7 days of temperatures above 90 are projected for the northeast, how will that affect natural gas prices?

Into the Futures July 20, 2015

Into The Futures- July 20, 2015

Expect a tidal wave of earnings releases that will cover a broad spectrum of the economy this week.

• The lack of government reports will not mean there won’t be an idea where the recovery stands.
• Crude oil is trading slightly above major support, will fundamentals push prices lower?
• Will gold trade to $1100 this week?
• Will the hot weather in the eastern half of the country force natural gas prices out of their recent range?

Into the Futures July 13, 2015

Into The Futures- July 13, 2015

First it was the week of the deadline; is it now the month of extensions?

• How will the reams of government data scheduled for release affect equity prices this week?
• Are the Iranian nuclear talks further from a resolution than they were 2 weeks ago?
• Will natural gas prices rally as temperatures rise?
• Is this the week gold trades below $1140?


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