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Into the Futures June 29, 2015

Into the Futures – June 29, 2015

The week of the deadline is upon us.

• What’s in store for equity prices if Greece misses the payment owed to the IMF?
• What will happen to crude prices if there is a deal with Iran?
• Will gold bounce on the uncertainty of a Greek resolution?
• Natural gas experienced a big miss in the injection number, why didn’t prices rally further?

Into the Futures June 22, 2015

Into the Futures – June 22, 2015

Deadline---Remember that word because you are going to hear it used extensively in the approaching days.

• The Supreme Court has the ability to cause volatility in equity prices this week.
• The July 4th holiday is around the corner have products and crude reached their seasonal peak in prices?
• Temperatures will reach 90 degrees and more over a wide area of the US, what will that mean for natural gas prices.
• Will a debt default by the Greek government bolster gold prices?

Into the Futures June 15, 2015

Into the Futures – June 15, 2015

Will the Fed produce any surprises when it meets on Wednesday?

• Is the Dow poised to break higher or will it fall back to its recent trading range?
• Is the rally over for crude?
• Natural gas supplies will be expanded this week, what will that do to prices?
• What’s the next move for gold?

Into the Futures June 8, 2015

Into the Futures – June 8, 2015

When economic data and news was released on Friday it caused a surprising reaction price wise in certain markets covered.

• Why did crude rally after OPEC announced there wouldn’t be a production cut?
• The jobs number was spectacular yet the E-mini fell, will the weakness continue?
• If dollar strength continues will gold fall further?
• Natural gas supplies are expecting another triple digit build; what will that mean for prices?

Into the Futures June 1, 2015

Into the Futures – June 1, 2015

Are equities teetering on the edge of a large correction? Data released this week could go a long way in answering that question.

• Reams of economic data are being released this week, but payrolls are what traders are anticipating most.
• Why did crude oil rally over 4% on Friday and can it continue this week?
• Natural gas has given back almost 50% of recent gains, is the bottom in sight?
• If equities correct will investors turn to gold for safety?

Into the Futures May 26, 2015

Into the Futures – May 26, 2015

While the week is shortened an in-depth look at the economy is assured as evidenced by the breadth of government reports.

• Since an interest rate hike in June has been ruled out should equity investors be concerned that one in September is a foregone conclusion?
• Now that the Memorial Day weekend is past, what’s next for crude oil prices?
• Natural gas couldn’t hold $3, is a further correction in store?
• What will a rate hike do to gold prices?

Into the Futures May 18, 2015

Into the Futures – May 18, 2015

Does the Fed run the risk of sabotaging the 6 year rally in equities and simultaneously causing deflationary pressures on commodities?

• Will the unofficial start of summer bring another record in the E-mini?
• What does the fall of Ramadi mean for crude oil prices?
• Will a small miss on a triple digit injection number be enough to keep natural gas prices over $3?
• Is $1250 in the near future for gold prices?

Into the Futures May 11, 2015

Into the Futures – May 11, 2015

Will the positive reaction in equities from the jobs number carry into this week?

• Does the creation of 220,000 jobs signal the Fed will raise interest rates sooner than September?
• If demand for crude oil picks up, does production have to drop significantly for prices to rise?
• If job growth continues at its current pace and the dollar strengthens, what are the prospects for gold?
• We are expecting large builds in natural gas supplies over the next 4 weeks, will production meet expectations?

Into the Futures May 4, 2015

Into the Futures – May 4, 2015

Earnings and government reports including non-farm payrolls will drive equities and futures prices this week.

• Because equities will be influenced by a myriad of factors expect volatility to increase.
• Will crude oil correct to the downside because we’ve moved “too fast, too far” as some analysts have suggested, or are we building a higher trading range?
• Can gold trade back to $1200 because of economic uncertainty?

Into the Futures April 27, 2015

Into the Futures – April 27, 2015

Government reports, earnings and the latest GDP number will be the focus for equity markets this week.

• Even though earnings have failed to meet expectations the E-mini has rallied, can the same happen with a weak GDP number?
• Will there be a significant drop in oil production?
• Gold settled just above support, what’s the next move?
• As we enter the month of May, what historically happens to natural gas prices?


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